Origins products are formulated
with the best from Nature.
And manufactured with
earth-friendly practices.

Origins products are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. And formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients.

We manufacture using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.

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We help erase waste!
We recycle cosmetic empties
from any brand, everyday.

Plus, our packaging is made from largely post-consumer recycled materials produced by renewable energy sources.


Origins recycles cosmetic empties to help reduce landfill waste. We accept our customer’s containers from any brand, every day. In fact, we created the beauty industries’ first recycling program for cosmetic packaging in 2009.

Why? Because cosmetic containers are not easily recognizable and thus not easily recycled. So many local facilities don’t accept them, which leads to more landfill waste. This program is currently available in North America. And we are exploring ways to expand it to other regions.


Our cartons are made from 80% Forest Stewardship Council certified paperboard and 50% post-consumer recycled fiber. These paperboards and cartons are made using wind or hydro power, both renewable energy sources.

We transport our products in recycled cardboard shippers and packing materials whenever possible. And we don’t use any styrofoam peanuts or PVCs (Poly vinyl chloride).

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Over 500,000 trees
planted around the world.
And counting!

Origins launched the Plant-A-Tree program to aid reforestation projects around the world. In partnership with the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf and other local organizations

The trees we plant help keep our air and water clean. Restore areas damaged by wildfires. And feed and house tons of cute creatures.

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Since 1992, The BCA Campaign has
raised more than $53 million to
support global research, education
and medical services.

The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign was founded in 1992 by the late Mrs. Evelyn H. Lauder with the launch of the Pink Ribbon, the universal symbol for breast health.

Devoted to the mission to defeat breast cancer through education and medical research and currently active in more than 70 countries, The BCA Campaign has raised more than $53 million to support global research, education and medical services; with nearly $42 million funding 166 Breast Cancer Research Foundation research projects worldwide over the past 20 years.

To support BCA Campaign, Origins will donate $4.00 from every purchase of this Limited Edition Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) throughout the month of October.

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